The Atmosphere Rules!

          The atmosphere has different layers. All of them are interesting and have different jobs of protecting our planet Earth. The main layers from top to bottom are: Troposphere, Strat0sphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere. The other layers are Ozonosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere, and Magnetosphere. We live in the Troposphere. The Stratosphere contains most of the atmosphere’s ozone and airplanes fly in that layer. The Mesosphere is the coldest layer of the atmosphere and it is the layer where the meteors burn up. The Thermosphere is the layer that astronauts in the ISS orbits at 300 km. Air molecules can be up to 1km apart. The Ozonosphere protects us from the sun’s UV rays. To be a little more technical, it lets in all the UVC rays in, it protects us from some UVB rays, and it protects us from all of the UVA rays.  The Ionosphere helps bounce radio waves back to Earth and it is where the Aurora happens.  The Exosphere is where satellites orbit and there is no technical “end”. The Magnetosphere is our magnetic field, and without it, our atmosphere would blow away. Scientists think that Mars used to have an atmosphere, but it blew away over time.

Blog Challenge #10

I think the most interesting blog challenge was challenge #6 which was having to comment on 10 other people’s blogs about their global problems that were not from this country. It was very interesting because you got to read their interests and what they like to do. My favorite part was when they commented back, it was interesting to see what was happening in their country.  Also when I looked on my Clustrmap, I was so excited when I saw that someone ACTUALLY looked and read on my blog from Denmark that is probably 1,000 miles from where the United States is.

Blog Challenge #9



                                              Image: ‘Music makes me happy ….‘

As you can see up above, music DOES make me happy! Singing, dancing, playing the piano, all that stuff I enjoy. I’m not into sports, but I am into music. I am athletic, I just don’t enjoy sports. Solo singing is my favorite type of singing and making up dance moves to songs are all fun. I have always wanted a guitar and a piano and learn how to play them.

This is my general favorites…

Food: Sweet potato yum-yum, scalloped potatos, and more

Color: Emerald green

Subject: Language arts

What I want to be when I grow up: A music teacher

Music: Taylor Swift, Christian pop, and general Christmas music

Holiday: Christmas

My favorite pet is my pet I have now which is a hamster and is named Fuzzball. When we play together, my favorite thing to do with her is take her out, by Fuzzball stopping in her tube and let me take the tube out of the cage, pick her up and give her lots of kisses, then let her crawl on my lap while I’m watching T.V, then put her in her ball, take her out when she’s done, give her more kisses, then put her up and give her her yogie treats.
















How Do We Know the Earth’s Interior Structure is Like When We Can’t See It?

               At first, I had no idea how you can tell without seeing it for yourself. Then my science teacher told us to go on this website called and do the activities on there.

           After reading the information, I understood that S-Waves traveled only through solids, and P-Waves only traveled through liquid. Then I looked at the diagrams and saw what happenes after the Earthquake happens. it sends out P and S-Waves. I saw that if you use the right intruments, you can measure the waves and figure out where and what they are passing through.

The Nightmare

As Sunny looked out her window on that dark, dreary, evening, the dreariness reminded her of how much she missed her dad and her best friend Jessie. When she looked a little closer, she could make out Jessie and her brother Johnny! She bolted out the door to go to see them. She approached them and was very surprised of what happened. “Hey Sunny, you forgot your peanut butter sandwich,” stated Jessie.

“Okay, uh, thanks,” Sunny said. “What do you want to do now?”

“Let’s go back to your house and we can play on the Wii,” suggested Jessie.

“I want to go home!!!” Johnny whined.

“Hold your horses! We’re going to go home in an hour, remember?”

“Whatever”, stated Johnny.

They raced to Sunny’s house only to find out that there was a huge gap of where the house used to be. “Why the heck is the house gone?” questioned Jessie. It was a very useless question though because Sunny was bawling her eyes out, so she decided to drop the question. Johnny didn’t.

“It must’ve burned down or something”, he stated observing all the ashes on the ground.

“Its okay, Sunny”, Jessie said trying to assure her. Her family was all lost, and she didn’t blame her for bawling. “How about we see what the neighbors are doing. Maybe they can help.” All Sunny could do was nod. They went behind her house. They spotted a gray intertube. They saw a strange man sitting on the grass looking at a random spot at the sky and a peculiar woman swimming in the lake. They stared at her not knowing who would take the first move…


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