Operation R.O.C.K.

            “Remember this you precious children: The two sub-types for metamorphic rocks are foliated and non-foliated. Okay, now repeat after me: Fo-li-a-ted and non-fo-li-a-ted.” The class then recited, “Fo-li-a-ted and non- fo-li-a-ted.” “Good job everybody!” Mrs. Janie chanted. “Guess what? Sedimentary rocks go… through… a… five….” Anya-Lisa then started to doze off. She could not take this anymore!

         “Mrs. Janie?” “Yes Anya-Lisa?” “How come I have to know all about stupid rocks? I mean, I’m not going to grow up and become a rock scientist or something!” “You mean a geologist, Anya-Lisa?” “You know what? Who cares? Who cares about stupid rocks or anything at all?” “Anya-Lisa, it’s good for you to learn this for future reference for college, for your job, or just for fun. Oh, and by the way, I am writing you down for a teacher detention.” “Ugh!!!!”


Mrs. Bedrock heard every single word of this conversation and started to get cross. Very cross. In fact, she was so cross, she felt like she was still in the middle of her metamorphic stage of the rock cycle. She took that back. She felt even hotter than that! She needed to do something about this before this Anya-Lisa’s life is ruined forever and ever!

                    Mrs. Bedrock threw her self as hard as she could over to the school’s exit door. She dipped her self in some leftover ketchup that was growing mold and fruit flies were hovering over it that was leftover from lunch. Then Mrs. Bedrock stopped and waited. And waited… and waited… and waited…. and waited… and waited. But there was not sign of Ayna-Lisa anywhere. She started to get frantic and suddenly she heard “Yes, Mrs. Holden. I won’t do it ever again. I promise, promise, promise Mrs. Holden. Bye Mrs. Holden!” I can’t beilieve that I’m grounded for 2 weeks and the teacher detention thing is on my permanent record. I hate everybody! And I hate ev-ery-thing! Then she noticed Mrs. Bedrock just lying there. She picked her up.


        “You know what Mr. Pebble?” Mrs. Bedrock was shocked. She was a worock! (A worock is a rock that’s a female, kind of like a woman for humans.) Couldn’t she tell? Whatever, thought Mrs. Bedrock. Worst case scenario, is that Anya-Lisa didn’t care about rocks. “You know what?” Anya-Lisa exclaimed. “I can’t take it anymore! I had enough of rocks! I already got a teacher detention because I told Mrs. Janie my opinion on rocks! And, it’s on my permanent record now!” But then, Anya-Lisa noticed the ketchup on Mrs. Bedrock. “How come you have ketchup on you? It kind of looks like… like… like… lava sort of.” “When lava or magma cools, it becomes an igneous rock,” she suddenly remembered. “Hey!!”

             “Oh!” ‘And one of the sub types of a sedimentary rock is compacted. That’s when the layers form when they’re squeezed together. Right little pebble? Never mind, you wouldn’t know. You can’t talk.” All Mrs. Bedrock could do is just wink. But Anya-Lisa didn’t notice. “And meta means change!” she exclaimed. Anya-Lisa dropped Mrs. Bedrock. She walked all the way home reciting un-locked facts about the wonderful Earth. Mrs. Bedrock could hear her in the distance. “Sedimentary rocks go through a 5-step process: Weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction, and cementation!” And when night fell, Mrs. Bedrock fell asleep gazing at the stars knowing that she’d done her part of changing the world.



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